All students between 6th-12th grade interested in joining the Academy are welcome to contact us. The Academy also partners with Alcoa City Schools, Maryville City Schools, Blount County Schools, Knox County Schools, and other organizations to identify and select participants. There is no charge for participating in the Academy. The Academy uses military terms, such as cadets, squads, and units, to refer to its members and structural framework.

To become a cadet, students must:

  1. Submit an application for admission.
  2. Obtain a recommendation from their guidance counselor.
  3. Complete an interview along with their parents.
  4. Complete an academic assessment conducted by a professional outside agency.

To remain a cadet in the Academy, students must be willing to be faithful and participate in Academy programs and events on a regular basis. Parental/guardian support is also required. Cadets are not required to be affiliated with any religious organization or church, but church attendance is encouraged.